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William Bowers’ Post Modern came in my mailbox, unsolicited. As such, having never heard of Mr. Bowers or the tiny label (Haute Magie) that sent this album as its first offering, it sat in my queue for a while. Having recently been gripped by a new enthusiasm for music, I’ve been working through mailings, and I was glad that I took the time to sit and listen to this CD. Post Modern starts conservative, with a few short tracks of varying electronic genres offered up, and that’s a shame, because the quality is back-loaded. Starting with this track, “Atlas,” Bowers really steps up his game with haunting, minimal melodic fragments looped and scratched up. This track isn’t representative of the whole CD, but if you like it I encourage you to check out the bandcamp link. As always, this was posted to the KiC FB page first.

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